Our drill cassettes are functional, easy to use, and versatile. This makes them ideal for drill sets of all kinds, ensuring that HSS drills, SDS drills, masonry drills, wood drills, machine taps, and countersinks are not only perfectly packaged, but also optimally presented at the point of sale.

Drills are used in a wide range of different areas. Whether for masonry, wood, glass, or concrete, it’s important to find the right packaging for the respective drill set. Our plastic cassettes really stand out here – thanks to features such as functional and easy handling, a partially integrated anti-theft device, and high-quality designs at a low price point. However, our plastic cassettes are not only suitable as high-quality storage boxes for drill bits. Their transparent lids and hangers also make them ideal for presenting your products at the point of sale. Our drill cassettes are therefore unbeatably cost-effective set packaging solutions for tool retailers and hardware stores​​​​​​​.

The right packaging for professional tools

Plastic cassettes for all types of drill sets

No matter what type of drill you need to package, we’ve got you covered.

FA-Cassette and FB-Cassette – meet our proven classics

HSS drills, masonry drills, hammer drills or wood drills can all be securely packaged in our FA and FB cassettes. The difference between the two cassettes lies in the lid hinge. While the FA-Cassette features and external hinge, the hinge on the FB-Cassette is mounted internally. These four-part cassettes consist of a lid, rear panel, insert and securing pin. The pin can be used to lock the cassette, providing protection against theft.

The FNKL-Cassette – ideal for SDS drills and pin punches

Our FNKL-Cassette also impresses thanks to its integrated anti-theft device. This four-piece drill cassette features high-quality craftsmanship and consists of a lid, rear panel, insert, and hanger, and is suitable for SDS drills and pin punches. Clamping lugs inside the cassette ensure a secure hold for the tools.

FNSB-Cassette – the ideal packaging for jigsaw blade sets

Our FNSB-Cassette is ideal for jigsaw blade sets. This cost-effective packaging solution also features an integrated anti-theft device and is available in various designs and sizes.

RoseBox – plastic cassette for high-quality tools

With the RoseBox, rose plastic has broken new ground in the field of drill and tool cassettes. It represents a good alternative to heavy metal cassettes, which are very difficult to customize. Produced in  ABS plastic, the RoseBox is lightweight, sturdy, easily customizable, and extremely versatile.

The RoseBox is ideal for packaging and storing precision and shank tools, HSS, masonry and hammer drills, as well as spare parts. The stackable plastic cassette features recessed labeling surfaces in the lid and base, and can be equipped with various pivoting inserts as well as additional terminal strips to prevent the tools inside from rattling. The bottom part of the cassette can be adjusted in height to suit the respective contents. Besides being extremely functional and user-friendly, the RoseBox designers have also succeeded in creating an aesthetically pleasing packaging solution – its soft, rounded contours make it a perfect match for high-quality, professional tools of all kinds.

This excellent multifunction box is available in five basic sizes, as well as customized colors (subject to minimum order quantities). The labeling can either be engraved or applied via screen or pad printing. For special product presentations, the cassette lids can be equipped with a viewing window. Customized foam and thermoformed inserts are also optionally available.

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GripBox – set packaging for drills

The GripBox drill cassette from rose plastic is the ideal set packaging solution for HSS drills and machine taps. This practical plastic cassette features a high-quality design and is extremely sturdy and robust – so it keeps your drills safely protected and ready for use at all times.

The three-part plastic cassette with hanging clip and anti-theft device is especially suitable for presenting your products at the point of sale – its non-slip finish and robust design guarantee a premium look and feel. Thanks to the clear ABS lid, the products inside are clearly visible, while the guide rails ensure that the GripBox is extremely stackable and storable.